The STYLEcult: Responsible Brand Philosophy

STYLEcult: Brand Philosophy

A devotion to worshipping STYLE … #jointheSTYLEcult: 

@ STYLEcult:  our brand intentions are to be...

Purposeful - mindful in our decision-making process, committed to responsible social and environmental outcomes.

Confident - STYLE... orientated self expression and attitude from within.

Inspiring - a cult: STYLE, to always have the edge.

Courageous express and articulate and individual state of mind and attitude.

Creativeto be expressive within a moment in time. 

Rebellious - resistance to social conformity , find your voice through your STYLE.


STYLEcult: Responsible Business 

Acknowledgment of Country - STYLEcult: acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the Land, we pay our respect to the Elders and First Nations People, past and present.

Community - STYLEcult: connects with a community of loyal conscious consumers that have a strong passion for environmental sustainability, responsible fashion and manufacturing and support a dynamic social evolution in the retail and circular fashion economy. 

Partnership - As a business of purpose STYLEcult: is meticulous when it comes to sourcing vintage designer pieces, embellishment selection and resale ethics. Collaboration plays essential role in the STYLEcult: business.

Transformative - STYLEcult: is a kinetic brand, one that can evolve, adapt, be lean, and transformative as environments and economies change.

Design out Waste - As part of the operational running of the business we are mindful of our, product, energy efficiency, packaging, postage, reuse, and recycling processes. 

Purpose - STYLEcult: believes it is important to give back and supports local and national charities, work with local small businesses, and collaborate to drive innovation via a truly kinetic and agile brand.