STYLEcult: Garment End of Lifecycle : Use

Closing the Circularity Loop

At STYLEcult: our mindful and regenerative process driven business model suggests options and alternatives for end of garment lifecycle.

     STYLEcult: is a proud community member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

    To operate with a true circular mindset STYLEcult: offers a number of conscious options for the end of life or use of your garment.


    Customised Adornment, Upcycle or Amendments

    The piece can be reinvented and upcycled, giving it a new lease on life. 

    Please ask for recommended atelier.


    Resale via Designer Consignment

    You could consign your item for resale, so another special human can enjoy it. Make some $$ and put the piece back into the circular system for another life.



    You could opt to donate your item to charity and put the piece back into the circular system for another life.


    Gift to a Friend

    Extend the life of your piece by gifting to your bestie!


    Circularity by STYLEcult:

    We are a responsible business with purpose.

    Selection and Sourcing

    No pre consumer waste as we already source from the circular economy, so there in no excess samples, swatches, off cuts, production waste, left over fabric yardage, damaged stock, or unsold collections.

    All pieces are vintage, quality designer from the circular fashion system.


    Adornment and Modification

    Upcycling is reverse engineering of the creative process. ​​​​​​​​

    ​How to make as few cuts as possible to maximise STYLE and minimise waste. There are defined limitations when working in this process stream. ​​​​​​​​

    Upcycling adds new value, it's the mother of reinvention.​​​​​​​​

    In addition…

    We don’t have a dying process = no chemicals or inks or pollutants entering the water ways

    We adorn by hand in Melbourne Australia = local and socially ethical

    No factory mass production = No use of oil products, no water wastage, No forest destruction, No additional climate change impacts, No human rights abuse, and No air pollution.


    Maintenance and Care

    Items should be maintained as per the care tag. It’s an investment piece- Take care of it!

    Steam your pieces regularly. Steaming not only keeps your pieces looking smart, it also freshens the fabric and kills odour – causing bacteria. Be mindful of the adornments when steaming.

    Store your piece individually in a quality suit bag for protection.